Date Sponsor Event Location
17-Jan EMTA Miami Forum Miami
31-Jan CFALA CFALA 15th Annual Economic and Investments Forecast Dinner Los Angeles
31-Jan The Bond Buyer Bond Buyer's National Outlook Conference New York
Feb 2-3 CFA Institute Inaugural  Latin American Investment Conference Cancun, Mexico
Feb 26-March 1 The Municipal Bond Buyers Conference The Municipal Bond Buyers Conference Bonita Springs, Fl
March 9-11 Florida Municipal Bond Club Florida Municipal Bond Club Annual Meeting Clearwater Beach, FL
16-Mar The Municipal Bond Buyers  Exclusive Breakfast Briefing - It is part of the sponsorship we pay for the Bondbuyer Conference Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
March 15-17 The Bond Buyer/BDA Bond Buyer National Municipal Bond Summit Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
23-Mar EMTA Sao Paulo Forum Sao Paulo
March 22-24 GIOA 13th Annual Government Investment Officers Association Conference Las Vegas, NV
5-Apr IMN The 4th Annual Investor's Conference on European CLOs and Leveraged Loans
5-Apr Credit Suisse Credit Suisse Global Trading Forum Miami, FL
18-Apr EMTA Boston Forum Boston, MA
27-Apr SIFMA SIFMA FI Market Struture Seminar- Lunch Sponsorship New York, NY
26-Apr EMTA EMTA Argentina pop-up event New York, NY
16-May WBR Fixed Income Leaders Summit Boston, MA
18-May EMTA Los Angeles Forum Los Angeles, CA
23-May EMTA Spring Forum New York, NY
24-May St Louis Municipal Bond Club St Louis Municipal Bond Club Outing St Louis, MO
May 24-25 IMN The 6th Annual Investors Conference on CLO's and Leveraged Loans
New York, NY
8-Jun Markets Group Latin America  Institutional  Forum Panama City, Panama
8-Aug BDA Institutional Fixed Income Conference BDA Roundtable event Chicago, IL
11-Sep EMTA Fall Forum New York, NY
October   TBC EMTA Corporate Bond Forum NY New York, NY
October 4-6 ABRAPP Congress ABRAPP Congress Sao Paulo
October   15-18 AFP AFP Annual Conference San Diego
24-Oct Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA) LSTA Annual Conference New York, NY
26-Oct EMPower EM Gives - A night out with EMPower New York NY
27-Oct BDA Bond Dealers of America, Annual Event Dallas, TX
8-Nov EMTA Corporate Bond Forum Boston Boston, MA
November 11-14 Felaban Felaban Annual Assembly Miami, FL
7-Dec EMTA Annual Meeting/Charity Ball New York
November 14-15 II Forum - Chicago Miranda speaking Chicago, IL