Date Sponsor Event Location
1/22 EMTA EMTA Forum Miami
1/29 EMTA EMTA Corporate Bond Forum London
1/30 CFALA Economic and Investments Forecast Dinner Los Angeles
1/30 Tabb Group Fixed Income 2013: Liquidity, Products, Platforms New York
1/31 ICMA ACI and ICMA Economic Summit Brussels
2/7-2/9 SFBTA South Florida Bond Traders Association Annual Conference Boca Raton, FL
2/13 AFME European Market Liquidity Conference London
2/27-3/1 Credit Suisse Global Trading Forum Miami
3/5 EMTA EMTA Winter Forum London
4/4 ISDA Navigating the Changing OTC Derivatives Landscape: Electronic Trading, Clearing and Post-Trade Processing New York, NY
4/16 FTF DerivOps Chicago Chicago
4/16 LatinFinance LatinFinance 11th Annual Brazil Issuers and Investors Forum São Paulo
4/18 SIFMA Asset Management Forum: Put the Clear in Central Clearing – An Overview of Transition to Clearing for Asset Managers New York, NY
4/23-4/25 ISDA Annual General Meeting Singapore
5/14 Markets Media Fixed Income Summit 2013 New York, NY
5/22 SIFMA Asset Management Derivatives Conference New York, NY
5/22-5/24 ICMA Annual General Meeting and Conference Copenhagen
5/23 EMTA EMTA Forum in São Paulo São Paulo, Brazil
6/17-6/18 Marcus Evans Credit e-Trading Conference London
6/20 K&K Global Consulting Alpha Trader Forum - Fixed Income London
6/25 EMTA Summer Forum London
7/9-7/10 Institutional Investor OTC Derivatives Summit Surrey, GB
7/10 Markets Media Summer Trading Network New York
8/21 BDA Institutional Fixed Income Roundtable Chicago
9/8 – 9/11 ABRAPP Brazil Pension Fund Congress Florianopolis, Brasil
9/9 FIA FIA SEF Showcase New York
9/9-9/10 Euromoney Electronic Bond Trading Forum London
9/10 EMTA EMTA Corporate Bond Forum New York, NY
9/15 – 9/17 IMN Alpha Hedge West San Francisco
9/17 – 9/18 Institutional Investor OTC Derivatives Summit – NY White Plains, NY
9/24 SIFMA AMG/AMF Swaps Execution Conference New York
10/10 – 10/11 BDA National Fixed Income Roundtable Chicago
10/11 – 10/13 Raymond James FL Taxable Bond Outing Clearwater, FL
10/29 ICMA Future of secondary bond market trading in Europe London
11/5 – 11/7 FIA FIA Expo 2013 - 29th Annual Futures & Options Expo Chicago
11/18 WMBAA SEFCON IV New York
11/21 K&K Global Consulting Alpha Trader Forum - Fixed Income London
11/27 Quorum 15 London Year-End Event London
11/29 AFME/VDP 15 Covered Bonds Market Conference Berlin