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MarketAxess is shaping the future of the European credit markets. We provide intelligent and efficient trading solutions along with unique data products, from our subsidiary Trax®, to help our dealer and investor clients navigate today’s complex credit markets.

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Axess All is the first intra-day trade tape for the European fixed income markets. Displaying aggregated volume and pricing for the most actively traded instruments, we believe it is the most robust set of European fixed income trade data available today. Axess All delivers a new level of insight to help manage market risk.

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MarketAxess Open Trading is enhancing credit market liquidity by creating the broadest all-to-all trading network of institutional market participants. Innovative and flexible trade execution technology, and superior price discovery make MarketAxess the trading destination of choice for global credit products.

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Broadest Choice of Institutional Credit Products

European institutional investors have access to the global credit markets with the ability to trade European corporate bonds, supras, sovereigns and agency bonds, covered bonds, emerging markets local market debt, U.S. corporate bonds, and credit default swaps (CDS).

Enhanced Price Discovery for European Credit

With unique data products from our subsidiary, Trax, MarketAxess offers extensive volume, pricing and reference data for a broad universe of fixed income instruments.

MarketAxess also operates Axess All, the first intra-day trade tape for the European fixed income markets.

Axess All is available by subscription on the MarketAxess BondTicker™ platform and to MarketAxess users on the MarketAxess trading system.

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The MarketAxess Composite Price tool for European credit launched in April 2015. A composite price is generated for a universe of approximately 3500 bonds and is updated every 5 seconds. It includes traded prices from Trax products, a source that is unique to MarketAxess, and is available via the MarketAxess trading platform, as well as for enterprise use via application programing interface (API).

The composite price is created using an algorithm sourcing unique data sets:

  • MarketAxess Inventory – Streaming indicative prices from contributing dealers on approximately 5,000 securities
  • Trax traded prices – Prices received from approximately 12,000 trades a day for over 14,000 securities a week

Increased Trade Execution Options

MarketAxess Open Trading connects over 1,000 fixed income dealer and investor firms in the leading all-to-all electronic credit trading marketplace. By bringing together investors, dealers and other market participants onto a single, centralized platform, we are delivering new liquidity to the global fixed income markets.

Open Trading is available for a full range of credit products, including Eurobonds, US high-grade, high-yield, emerging markets and US agencies.

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MarketAxess subsidiary, Trax, is a leading provider of regulatory transaction reporting, financial market data and trade matching services to the European securities markets. The combination of extensive market and reference data, a broad suite of protocols for trade execution and robust post-trade services, mean that MarketAxess and Trax can offer dealers and investors a full suite of valuable tools to help manage their fixed income trading and investment risk.

Based on available market references, Trax processes approximately 65% of all fixed income transactions in Europe as part of its post-trade service offering, making Trax data one of the most robust data sources available in the market.

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