MarketAxess Market Data solutions are a leading source for unique insight into the fixed income marketplace.

BondTicker™ is the industry's leading bond price information tool both in the U.S. and in Europe, offering institutional investors and dealers access to the most comprehensive fixed income market data. Our data consists exclusively of observable market inputs, providing market insight for front, middle and back offices alike.

Our offerings include a range of raw and enriched fixed income data designed to provide a complete view of bond market activity. In addition to TRACE and MSRB data, we incorporate unattributed MarketAxess trade and inventory data in a variety of asset classes derived from our trading platform.

BondTicker also features Axess All™ the first intra-day trade tape for European fixed income markets, providing aggregated volume and pricing for the most actively traded fixed income instruments in Europe. The data is provided, with a one hour delay, by MarketAxess subsidiary, Trax®, a leading regulatory reporting, post-trade matching and financial market data provider.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Fixed Income Trading Cycle:

  • Front Office: Live, executable trade prices and indicative levels for trading and market depth analysis via BondTicker and the MarketAxess trading system
  • Middle Office: Market data feeds for risk managers
  • Back Office: Integrated solutions for pricing and compliance reporting via MarketAxess Compliance Tools
MarketAxess BondTicker™

BondTicker™ is our web-based data service that combines Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) data from the U.S. and European pricing data from Trax with MarketAxess tools to provide professional market participants with the most comprehensive set of pricing information available today. The data includes actual execution prices, as well as MarketAxess estimated spread-to-Treasuries and asset swap spreads, for trades disseminated by FINRA. BondTicker also includes actual execution prices and depth of market for unique trades executed on the MarketAxess trading system in both TRACE and non-TRACE disseminated bonds which are not available through any other source. European BondTicker includes end-of-day pricing data covering Euro, Sterling, USD and a range of non-core currency denominated debt, allowing users to source pricing information on a broad universe of bonds, including illiquid instruments.

Market Data Feeds

In addition to web-based BondTicker, MarketAxess provides a variety of alternative market data delivery options with superior system support. MarketAxess works closely with clients to ensure that market data is seamlessly integrated into clients' systems and provides all relevant documentation, testing services and technical support.

MarketAxess provides intra-day and end-of-day data for a comprehensive group of fixed income asset classes that can be integrated directly into internal systems or published externally to third-party subscribers. MarketAxess provides users with a turn-key data service that is customized to meet an enterprise's specific needs.

All data is available in either a .csv format through an automated download service (ftp) or through a FIX messenger feed. Subscribers can elect to receive intra-day, end of day, or next day updates and are also able to select from a variety of data elements.

MarketAxess BondTicker™ is also the exclusive provider of enriched TRACE data to the Wall Street Journal. Market data is published daily in print and online in the Market Data section of the publication.

MarketAxess Compliance Tools

MarketAxess offers a comprehensive set of tools and reports designed to help compliance officers review and monitor credit trading activity and measure best execution. Compliance Tools offers trade uploads through links to leading OMS vendors and integration data from trades both on and off the MarketAxess trading platform. Uploaded trades are included in the Compliance Tools reporting features.


In February 2013 MarketAxess completed its acquisition of Xtrakter Ltd., a leading provider of regulatory transaction reporting, financial market data and trade matching services to the European securities markets. In May 2014 Xtrakter rebranded to Trax, consolidating the firm’s suite of data and post-trade solutions under a single brand. Trax provides capital market firms with information to assist them in conducting net asset valuations, mark-to-market calculations, fixed-income portfolio mapping, liquidity and volume modeling, as well as reference data population updates. It also provides a wide range of pricing data for approximately 74,000 unique bonds, volume data on over 53,000 individual bonds as well as securities reference data for over 310,000 government bonds, corporate bonds, medium-term notes and private derivative issues.

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